Resource curse

Resource curse

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it is very unfortunate that what we call blessing has turned into a cures the miss management of resources in Rivers state Nigeria causing a lot of damages. It's now a threat to our lives, a poison in our rivers and local streams killing the inhabitants of the sea, rendering the tradition of the rivers men fishing business useless, escalating from the river into our only farmlands killing the soil and every plant on it our coconut no longer brings out sweet waters. giving birth to high rates of hunger and crimes. The air we breath has been polluted shortening our lives span with sickness Nigeria is the largest oil and gas producer in the Africa from 2010 and to 2019 the country earned more than 400 billion dollars from just oil and gas, it is estimated that more than 380 billion dollars have been stolen or wasted in this way since independence we explore the popular phenomenon known as "resource curse" and why its impact on Nigeria made oil discovery an absolute curse rather a blessing.