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A symbolic art piece dedicated to celebrating Africa and it’s history. The worldwide collection of black communities descended from native Africans or people from Africa , predominantly in the Americas.Which is mostly due to the descendants of the west and Central Africans who where enslaved and shipped to Americas via the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries and due to North Africans who immigrated to order part of the world .So it is important to remember and celebrate this part of history because through their adversity ,with the strength of perseverance they broke free from their captors and colonial masters. The portrait of of the model Nyadak Duckie is use as an embodiment of Africa. Which portrays African tribe, beliefs, achievement ,black identity and the expression of celebrating Africa through patterns & symbols. The symbols on the piece are African symbols from Ghana named Adinkra. The Strength, freedom and unity in diversity are the three symbols hovering on the portrait, which are the distinct features of Africa from my artistic view ,being the strength to break free to independence ,the courage and cooperation to exist in harmony despite the differences. Which shows that despite all the difference in tribes ,culture,religion and ethnic groups the Africans can still live in harmony and a known fact that they have been some struggles but at the end of the day we are still one Africans when it counts most.